During her college years, she was employed first as a receptionist at Best Friends Pet Resort and Salon, but transferred to the grooming department because there was not nearly enough interaction with the pets at the front desk.  There she trained with several professional groomers with a combined experience of 48 years.  Upon graduation, Erin left her previous job as bather/groomer in training to become a full time groomer at a coworker's shop, Coattails in Goshen, NY.  Soon afterward, though, she moved back home to Connecticut to be married to her wonderful husband, Jon.  She was hired by Petco, and worked there until the dream that is Little Shop became a reality. 

             Erin has gleaned from her various experiences of working in small independents to large corporate chains to combine the benefits each has to offer in a comfortable, personal and professional atmosphere.  Her mission for Little Shop of Howlers is to improve each pet's life, health and happiness by providing exceptional services, and by building a tight knit community around each pet consisting of you, the pet parents, the vet, the groomer, and any other pet professionals that interact with them.  Constant contact with people who lovingly care for your pet plays an important role in early detection of health alerts, which in turn could save the pet's precious life. 

             Little Shop also volunteers it's time and expertise to the local animal shelters and humane society.  A freshly groomed pet feels good and is a much happier candidate for adoption.  Erin wants all pets to have a second chance, and rescued/adopted pets hold a special place in her heart, bring in your recent adoption papers and receive a 15% discount off your first spa stay.   



Text Box: 	Little Shop of Howlers is owned and operated by Erin Andrianoff.  Animals have always been a huge part of her life.  While pets are a constant presence, Erin began to expand her knowledge of animals when she was 10 years old by volunteering at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc.  During her time there she also volunteered for the Special Olympics World Games, and the Connecticut Special Olympics Equestrian Games.  After 8 years at High Hopes, Erin moved to New York to attend Nyack College.  There she majored in Psychology, and played Division II Women's Basketball and Volleyball. 





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Erin with her husband Jon, and Bear.

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         As of September 25, 2006, Erin and Jon are the proud parents of Aurora Kate. This happy, healthy, girl is a welcome addition to the family. She’s already begun her grooming apprenticeship!