Text Box: We use only the best shampoos at Little Shop, here are some brands we are currently using:

Natural Groomer
E-Z Groom
Best Shot
Text Box: All our grooming prices are based on:
 breed standards, so variations in individual dogs often call for variations in pricing
 a regularly maintained coat both by professional groomings, and in between appointments
dog's temperament, and cooperation during the grooming process 
Text Box: Additional charges include:
Dematting  by brushing	$20 every 15 minutes
Clipping to remove mats     	$10 every 15 minutes
Special Handling                 	$7-12
Flea/Tick treatments          	$6-12

Little Shop of Howlers

Pet Salon and Day Spa


At Little Shop Of Howlers your dog's spa stay will involve:

· a thorough evaluation of the skin and coat

· a price estimate for the owner, based on condition of the dog,, size, and styling if applicable, and a time estimate of when your dog will be done

· coat brushing/clipping to remove all tangles, excess coat and maximize effectiveness of bath

· removal of ticks, and ear hair

· expression of anal glands upon request only

· a warm, hydro massaging soak in the bath with the shampoo best suited to your pup's needs (tearless shampoo is always used around the face, muzzle, and eyes), followed by a thorough rinsing to ensure no shampoo residue is left in the coat

· ear cleaning

· towel and blow drying. (Very little crate drying is used at Little Shop, and when it is, we use re-circulated room temperature air: no heating units are used)

· the finish brushing or styling

· nail trimming

· topped off with cologne, and bows or designer scarves.

Your dog is now ready to be picked up and adored all the way home!




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