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VIP Program

Have you ever had company coming over and realized your pet is desperately in need of a makeover? You call the pet salon only to find out they have no availability until a week after your visitors arrive! Well, that need never happen again when you take advantage of our Very Important Pet program. This program assures you an appointment when your pet needs it. The day and time is selected by you to fit into your busy schedule.


How does it work?

Option A: The Standing Appointment Option

A specific appointment is pre-scheduled for your pet at intervals of 1ó8 weeks. You will be given the date of your next appointment when you pick up your pet from their spa stay. We will also give you a reminder call two or three days in advance to confirm your appointment. At that time you may confirm, cancel, or schedule a more convenient time.


Option B: The Courtesy Call Option

As with Option A, you select an interval between appointments of 1ó8 weeks. We will call you two weeks prior to your selected interval to schedule an appointment. Instead of the appointment being pre-scheduled and subject to your confirmation, you make the appointment at the time of the call.


Whatís Included?

In addition to having your pet always looking their best, you will receive priority holiday booking. No longer do you have to worry about trying to get an appointment for your pet amidst all of your other holiday business. Your petís ideal appointment time will be pre-booked and waiting for you.


The option of the Mid-Groom Gussy is also open to you. This means you can schedule your pet for a brush-out between your regularly scheduled appointments for much less than a full grooming.


To get started, simply call and ask to become a VIP member and begin receiving your benefits immediately. You can also ask to join on your next visit to the salon. Itís as easy as that. This is just one more way we like to say THANK YOU for trusting your pet with us.

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